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My Bright Blocks 1

Just two blocks on point and alternated. Not often I do that! Well, I didn’t. It is just one block, and a straight setting. Looks different with just four patches recoloured.     Advertisements

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My Bright Patches 11

Love it. Blocks are often much more interesting when the background fabric is the same as some of the pieces around the edge of the block.

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Autumn Patches 15

Love it.

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Blocks in Borders 7

Very pretty. Not counting the borders this is a one block quilt.

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Five Patch Fragments OP 4

Same blocks as Five Patch Fragments, and a brand new collection of fabric to go with them, and set on point  … I like the new, and rather modern look.

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Aunt Flo’s Quilt 15

Named after my Mum’s aunt, but design is in Mum’s colours.

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Beaded Blocks and Borders Batik 24

I like it … even though I have just noticed that one block is the wrong colouring.

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Patricia’s Patches 6

Love it. A few days ago I explained the meaning of a very Aussie word … here is a link to a video which will teach you to speak Aussie. ********************** I can remember reading this article in a real, … Continue reading

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Fruit of the Vines 2, 3, 4

Another little nugget found while fossicking, this time all the way back to EQ5. I had used the blocks pretty much as they were in the one design saved in the project file, but had to make some changes so I … Continue reading

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Aunt Flo’s Quilt 15

I love everything about it … the fabrics, the applique blocks and borders, the pieced blocks, the quilting design. It looks like something my Mum would have made if she saw the pattern.

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