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Lovin’ Spoonful in the Pink 4

Very interesting. Looks like some raspberry cordial got spilled in the sugar bowl though. Love the spoon where I found inspiration to draw the blocks for this series. Advertisements

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Fiddlebob Quilt 4

Restful colouring, interesting blocks, with a little bit of quilting to hold it together.

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Patch Play 15

Love the arrangement of blocks, and it is what I use most often in my designs.

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Patio Plan 1

Found a log forgotten project file, and modified some blocks, and swept the patio! Might share some more designs next time I try to tidy up some blocks in that file.

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Aunt Flo’s Quilt 17

Love it!

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For the Love of Baskets 1

I have been playing with the way-back machine … finding project files I had forgotten.

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Five Patch Fragments 16

I always thought that weaving might be fun … though I didn’t envisage doing it with already woven fabric.

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Textile Inspiration White Out 13

I love it! I have a healthy stash of fabrics of all colours, but I am thinking that my next project start just might be white, or close to white, on a muted gold background.

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Patricia’s Patches Quilted 9

Love it, but still haven’t worked out why the quilting lines are smudged. Perhaps I marked the quilt top with gold coloured pencils!

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Garden Festival 13

If only the summer would go away so my garden can grow, without being sunburned every day! Then maybe my real garden would look as neat and tidy as this virtual design.

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