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White Quilting 17, 18

The opposite of White Out, this is much nicer than looking at quilt designs during a power blackout! (The best place I have ever been in during a power blackout was a chocolate factory! There was just enough light from … Continue reading

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A Spoonful of Sugar 7, 8

Love it. Love this one too … they remind me of applique quilts made a century ago.

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Pieced, Patched, Pretty and Sashed 2, 3, 4

Every so often I stop playing with block designs, and play with sashing designs instead. As you can see in these designs the sashing can be used as border designs too. And then of course, you can add some blocks … Continue reading

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Textile Inspiration Black Out 1, 2, 3, 4

Sometimes our power system lets us down, sometimes because a power pole falls down, and during one a few weeks ago I was on the computer playing with virtual quilt designs, and thought that it might be worth playing with … Continue reading

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Five Patch Fragments OP 11, 12

Love it! The second design looks almost boring after the first one. If you are thinking about upgrading to Electric Quilt 8 now is a good time to do it.

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Felicity Anderson Q’n’A 9, 10

Come fiddly applique blocks, some equally fiddly quilting motifs based on applique blocks … with a simple filler. That’s the way I like my real quilts. My favourite is the second one of these two.

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Patricia’s Patches 13, 14

Love the first design! Very, very interesting!

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Red and Green OP 11, 12

Without the white bits I would put this on a floor … it would be an impressive mat! The room with a mat needs a quilt on the bed though!

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Red and Green 35, 36

At long last my home decor is starting to turn red and green, with touches of gold, as trees, swags and wall hangings are escaping from storage. Love the second design … mainly because there is room for quilting to … Continue reading

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Patch Play Quilted 19, 20

Interesting. Love the second one!

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