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My Bright Patches OP 3

More 4 Patch blocks with an applique border … I like it like that! I also like the addition of some quilting.

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Autumn Patches OP 10

I like it.

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Autumn Patches 14

It has been awhile since I have opened some of the project files of pieced designs. In this one I added an applique border and corner blocks in the outer pieced border.

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Ferns and Flora 11

Love it, and today I have no need to dream about the quilting!

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Formal Floral Fantasies M&M Apps 1, 2

I found an orphan project with a few designs I thought I would share rather than just delete them. I have just realised that I haven’t used wide sashing in strong contrast colour in designs for a long time.

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Anita’s Q’n’A 5

I love it! However, most days, if there is time to play in Electric Quilt 7, after adding a design of the day to Virtual Quilter’s blog, I tend to add a design or two, maybe more, to the project file … Continue reading

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Iron Lace Borders Q’n’A 6

I love this series … some applique, quilt around the outline, then use the same design series to add quilting to the open spaces. If you want more quilting, do it in thread to match the background fabric … with … Continue reading

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Quilting Season Again 3

Don’t like the black quilting, but like the design of both the quilting and the applique.

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Textile Inspirations White Out 7, 8

Love it. (I know, I wrote that yesterday too.) Love this one too. The more I play with this idea, the more I like it. Shopping list is short … just two fabrics … one background, one for the applique, … Continue reading

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Virtual Wholecloth Quilt 5, 6

Something to do if you love applique designs but don’t like doing applique … … use the applique designs as quilting designs. This is the extension of the rule that you can use any technique you like to stitch any applique … Continue reading

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