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Felicity Anderson Quilts 43, 44

I like these designs, but in close up detail the applique is just a little too detailed for anything but fused! Love the second design.

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A Whiter Shade on Gold Quilted 21, 22

I selected some pale fabrics with minimal contrast, and started playing. If I live long enough I will make at least one example of these designs. The hardesst part will be selecting a design, not the fabrics. I cannot pick … Continue reading

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Quilting at Eleven 31, 32

I love the ‘sashing’ effect of those lines of little squares! Also love the pieced block design filling in the blank spaces as quilting. The second design uses the little squares more like a border, and they are still very … Continue reading

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Fiddlebob Quilt 13, 14

Love it. Looks like an old quilt even though it . never been made Love the change in the quilting motifs in the second design.

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Quilting Block by Block 1, 2

Wow, interesting! The spaces between the quilting lines I would quilt with thread to match the background, while the quilting designs as shown would be in a strong contrast colour. Love the second one!

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Strawberries and Chocolate 7, 8

Strawberries on a bed of chocolate, and the quilting looks abit like caramel topping drizzled over it all. Pity I have already had breakfast … sounds like a delicious way to start the day, and strawberries are healthy food! Love … Continue reading

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Tiled Applications 7, 8

I love the first design … very pale colours on an even paler background … so pretty, and restful. Still love the second with a heavier border, but the soft contrasts still appeal to me a great deal.

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Red and Green Quilted 11, 12

Love it! The second almost fades into oblivion compared to the first!

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Annie Clover’s Christmas Quilts 9, 10

I like my Christmas quilts to be used throughout the year, particularly in winter … Christmas Down Under is in the middle of summer, and often the quilts are kicked off the bed while Father Christmas is doing his rounds, … Continue reading

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Felicity Anderson Q’n’A 13, 14

Very nice. Also very nice, but I prefer the first one, because it has a diamond!

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