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Beaded Blocks and Borders 34, 35

I like it. If only I could keep my strings of beads, chains holding pendants in my jewelry box in such attractive tangles!

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Tangled String of Beads 37, 38

Love it! Like the second one too, despite the booboo of the border.

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Gran’s Bead Box 17, 18

Nice one, and it brings back memories of being allowed to play with button boxes when I was little … by my Mum and grandmother on dad’s side of the family. Scattered amongst the buttons were beads, and some of … Continue reading

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Beaded Fans 17, 18

Interesting, though not really fan like. I love the second one, though once again the fans are not obvious in the design,, but I am going to play with the centre bloc design to see if I can make them … Continue reading

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Beads Again 9, 10

Interesting, but think the blocks in the middle would look better surrounding the fan blocks around them. Love the second design as it is!

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Bunch of Beads 21, 22

One simple shape … one multi coloured fabric plus a border fabric. All those simple shapes could be cut from small scraps. Of all the shapes I have used to design quilts, this simple shape would have to be the … Continue reading

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Gran’s New Beads 15, 16

Gran’s New Beads are a very mixed bag of beads … round, diamonds, teardrops, ovals … and they form strings and clusters, both for applique and quilting designs. Tangled up together they make Strings of Beads, Double Wedding Rings, clusters … Continue reading

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Beaded Borders 13, 14

This project file was started so I could play with beaded applique borders, in particular, getting around corners. String of beads, no matter how I tangle them up, are my favourite traditional style applique quilts to play with virtually, as … Continue reading

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String of Beads Roundabout 31, 32

Interesting. I like it, but would have to find just the right quilting to use in the centre. My first thought is Double Wedding String of Bead outlines … with something in the centre. That centre is what I was … Continue reading

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Beaded Blocks and Borders Batik 33, 34

Simply repeat blocks … not often I share a design with just one block, but I love the simplicity of this design. The second design for today is more like my usual offerings, but I prefer the first one.

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