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Beads Again 11, 12

Looks like somebody has been playing with a bead collection, and the results look good. I think the first one is the winner by a narrow margin.

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Beaded Borders 15, 16

I like the subdued colours in this project file. Love the second design. I think it would look good in bright, or pretty, or even dramatic colour schemes, not just the subdued shown here.

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Christmas Mix of Beads 9, 10

Interesting mix, Christmas or not! Love the second design!

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Bead Collection for Christmas 9, 10

The making one of these is much more enticing since the introduction of fusible webbing, and scan and cutting machines. The hardest decision is will I do the stitching by hand or machine. Love the outer row of blocks in … Continue reading

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Bunch of Beads 23, 24

One simple applique shape … so many ways to add them to a quilt. Love the second design today …. love the way the blocks came together to form frames around the clusters of beads on four of the blocks.

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Beaded Blocks and Borders 34, 35

I like it. If only I could keep my strings of beads, chains holding pendants in my jewelry box in such attractive tangles!

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Tangled String of Beads 37, 38

Love it! Like the second one too, despite the booboo of the border.

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Gran’s Bead Box 17, 18

Nice one, and it brings back memories of being allowed to play with button boxes when I was little … by my Mum and grandmother on dad’s side of the family. Scattered amongst the buttons were beads, and some of … Continue reading

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Beaded Fans 17, 18

Interesting, though not really fan like. I love the second one, though once again the fans are not obvious in the design,, but I am going to play with the centre bloc design to see if I can make them … Continue reading

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Beads Again 9, 10

Interesting, but think the blocks in the middle would look better surrounding the fan blocks around them. Love the second design as it is!

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