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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps 5 x 5 11, 12

Interesting! Not much applique, lot’s more piecing. This series of designs grew like topsy in one project file, and so I split them into four files, and they continue to grow! Advertisements

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Aunt Flo’s Quilt 18

I love this! Though I have to admit that there is too much piecing involved. I have spent the last week sorting out pieced blocks in my Electric Quilt library, and I have barely scratched the surface. One series of … Continue reading

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Annie Clover Quilted 13

I like it, but I think the centre block would make a better quilting motif than the one I have used in this design.

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Penny’s Patch Play 14

Another project file with designs which have an antique look … this one must be a new or unused quilt as that black background fabric has not faded. This one was probably designed in EQ6, so it is heading towards … Continue reading

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Pieced Patched and Pretty Quilted 1

Another one from the lost and found box. I think my virtual quilt UFO collection is rivalling my real UFO collection. I like the fabrics, like the mix of pieced and applique, like the border … and it would look … Continue reading

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Elevenses 63

Select eleven blocks, and start playing! I love most of the designs I found during my play sessions with those eleven blocks

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Patricia’s Patches Quilted 9

Love it, but still haven’t worked out why the quilting lines are smudged. Perhaps I marked the quilt top with gold coloured pencils!

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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps 9, 10

Love this one … Love this one more! I love making blocks merge into the background so they become part of the overall design rather than individual blocks.

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Aunt Flo’s Patch 59

Love it, but it really needs some quilting!

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Quilting at Eleven 17

Very dainty. Love it!

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