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EQ Album + 45, 46

I rather like the first one, and the cat seems to like it too. I like the second one too, but it looks like the cat is not interested.

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Ann’s Album Q ‘n’ A 12, 13, 14

Love it! Love this one too! I like the last one, but not as much as the first two!

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Patch Play Quilted 13

I like this design.

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Birds in the Orchard 8

After a hard day’s unpacking, sorting, moving furniture and all the things which arise during such activities, I am hoping to spend some time just enjoying the progress we have made out back, where the chook house now provides a … Continue reading

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EQ Mods OP 7

Same blocks, same fabrics as yesterday’s virtual quilt, but much more feminine. By the way, those little smudgy bits are meant to be a low contrast fabric!

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Baltimore to Bourke 2

Baltimore is known for a beautiful style of applique quilts … this design is on the way to becoming an Australian version of those quilts. Bourke is a town which is often mentioned when we are talking about the more … Continue reading

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Ferns and Flora 6

I love using applique block designs as quilting designs. I also love using part of the block as applique, part as a quilting design. I don’t mind mixing up bits and pieces from two, or more, different blocks in any … Continue reading

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Fiddlebobs OP 1 and 2

It is always worth turning blocks on point to see what happens. I like what happens most of the time! By the time I went to bed last night I had decided that I would look for a different background … Continue reading

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