Current Block Pattern Sheet Freebies

This page is where you will be able to find any current block pattern sheets which are available in PDF form to download.

The plan is to update regularly … but plans don’t always work out, so keep checking.

Most blocks will be available for a limited times, so grab them while you can

The first became available on January 1st, 2012!


All pattern sheets Copyright 2012 Judy Butcher

Any patterns and free downloads taken from this site

are for your personal, non-commercial use,

and are not to be distributed in part or total in any form.

The only copy you may make is a working copy, to cut apart or mark while working on a project.

Permission may be granted for you to use designs to make items for sale, providing each item is individually made by the seller, or if  proceeds of sale will be donated to charity, but please ask.

Photos of projects would be appreciated!

Currently available Pattern Sheets


9P in Play No Nonsense 9 inch

9P in Play No Nonsense Nine Patch 12 inch

9P in Play Orroroo Optic 9 inch

9P in Play Orroroo Optic 12 inch


Get these blocks while you can.

Maximum number of blocks on this page will be five!

When ever I add a new block one will disappear.

35 Responses to Current Block Pattern Sheet Freebies

  1. Karen says:

    Thank you Judy.
    The only resolution I made for this year was to collect only that which I really, really want to make, not just collect because they are available.
    I Really Really want to make this and I am eager to see what else arises from your fertile mind.


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  3. Billie in TX says:

    Gorgeous! I don’t know how you do it Judy. I found that Mystery Medallion also. Great design and I love the color as well.


  4. Karen says:

    Ooh this is going to be so exciting. I am already thinking about which reds and greens to use and whether to use white of off white background.


    • Karen,

      White or not white is very much a personal thing. I would always chose not white … sometimes almost white, sometimes almost gold, or soft grey, or pale green or …and I like a little bit of printed texture, but not a definite pattern.

      Judy B


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  7. Karen Beigh says:

    I like the looks of these. They would look good in an album style quilt.


    • Karen,

      Any applique would look good in an album quilt … but I would repeat each of the blocks except the centre four or eight times and arrange them more formally. Less boring to make than using just one block or alternately two, but a less random, more formal look overall.

      Judy B


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  9. Betty G says:

    Your blocks are gorgeous hope I have time to try them out…love the airy look, and beautiful colors.


    • Betty,

      Thank you for visiting. I hope you find time to enjoy the blocks too … the best part of making quilts is that they don’t go off if you get sick of working on them for a month … unlike anything you might make in the kitchen!

      Judy B


  10. I love this quilt and want to thank you for the patterns. I hope to be able to start on this project for Feb. Thank you again.


    • Rhonda,

      This feels a little like making a quilt by remote control! Hope you enjoy the proccess … and the ebook with ideas for using the blocks which will be available in a few hours time. I am looking forward to seeing photos.

      Judy B


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  12. Judy says:

    Thanks for all the eye candy, Judy. I am making a Red and Green Baltimore style quilt now, so hope to be able to incorporate a block or two from your designs. I have a long way to go before I’m as proficient with EQ7 as you are!
    Judy (another one)


  13. Betty G says:

    I like the look of the whole quilt and the green circles centre the eye and tie it all together.


  14. prairiehome says:

    I’m normally not a fan of red and green quilts [I know, I know… quilters are gasping] but so far I like the designs you have been teasing us with. Thank you for offering the EQ files for the blocks and sharing the project book with us.



    • Erin,

      Lots of people, including quilters, don’t like the combination, but there is always quilter’s license which allows you to use any two colours on any background you want. Just keep the contrast … that is what does the work!

      Judy B


  15. Barbara says:

    Thank you so much – the blocks are lovely and I know I will enjoy making them 🙂


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  18. Barbara Vandevegt says:

    wonderful site


  19. Val Warren says:

    I like these they are oldy world looking with a modern touch looking forward to the next ones
    Thanks Val NZ


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  21. What’s up everyone, it’s my first visit at this web site,
    and post is truly fruitful designed for me, keep up posting these
    types of articles.


  22. Debbie B. from Woodbine says:

    Everything you’ve created is absolutely stunning!!! There just isn’t enough time to do everything. I could work off of your website alone and be ever so happy,

    Debbie B from Woodbine


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