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Textile Inspirations 12

Love it. …… Why Does My Long Arm Quilter Charge So Much?

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Birds and Bees 1

This is a project file which has been hiding in a corner for several years. I was drawing insects which I thought I might include amongst flowers in an applique garden … then instead of using the bees flying around … Continue reading

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A Whiter Shade on Antique Gold 5

Love it! The design elements may show up better with the pieces outlined, but I much prefer the design without them.

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Applique Elegance 1

  This will be a short series, unless I start playing in the project file again. I found it in the stash of spare project files and thought the few designs in there would be worth sharing, then put it … Continue reading

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Lovin’ Spoonful 22

Love it! Today is ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand, the day we pay tribute to our military personnel … remembering the many who gave up their lives in combat. I have a collection of assorted cutlery rather than … Continue reading

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EQ Mexican Rose Quilt 6

A block from the EQ library, with some modifications, and heavily quilted … virtually! I think there is room for something a little more exciting in the background quilting design … not too much, but something.

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Fig Jam 16

I love fig jam, and this series. Will I ever make one of them … unlikely, and it wouldn’t be a quilt, but something for the kitchen if I did. I could perhaps print some of the designs, laminate them … Continue reading

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Floral Fantasy 5

Love it. I don’t use sashing in my virtual designs very often … perhaps I should do it more often.

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Stained Glass Appliques 6

These designs were created using blocks which needed a lot of tidying up. I think I have just about finished the tidying up process, but it will take a lot of a quilter’s patience to check that they are all … Continue reading

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Ferns and Flora 7

Pretty … using applique designs used in the series as quilting designs.

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