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Cathedral Window 5

Over sized Cathedral Window look, with applique added. What is not to like? (Apart from the fact that most of the blocks need redrawing, and I can see possibilities there for quilting designs too!)

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Anna Pavlova 18

The plan for a quilt top. The plan for quilting the quilt top. Note that the quilting plan fills in some of the blank areas created by leaving out some parts of applique blocks so they form lines in the overall … Continue reading

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White on Gold 1 and 2

  Very elegant!       Some changes … but still elegant. Don’t think the potted plants quite work … but it was worth trying them! That is what I like most about virtual quilting … being able to try things without … Continue reading

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Old Fashioned Applique 24

Pretty. I spent a hot weekend slaving away sorting out project files hidden away in EQ6 … some of them were almost ready to introduce to the virtual world as a series of virtual quilts, one was ready, but they … Continue reading

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Textile Inspirations 4

Love the border! This is the project file where I used white out on a quilt by mistake. This time I did it deliberately.   Love it … even though it looks like a tablecloth rather than a quilt.

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White on White Gold 1, 2, 3 and 4

Spent a fair bit of time yesterday playing with the lacy look, going through a wide selection of blocks to see what works and what doesn’t, trying to find just the right amount of contrast between the background and the … Continue reading

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Anna Pavlova 18

The virtual quilt top. The virtual quilt design to fill in around the applique outlines. The markings in place. You can see that I have used the block designs as quilting designs, even filling in parts of the block design … Continue reading

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French Onion Practice 3 and 4

Not a bad design. Lots of drafting errors!   Much better regarding the drafting inaccuracies, and another reasonable design. I am so glad my Electric Quilt drawing skills have improved a bit over the years! But then, Electric Quilt has … Continue reading

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Stained Glass Early Project 12 and 13

  Love it! I hope I never have to make a decision about which quilt to make to replace our current quilts. It would be so hard to pick just one! With this series it would be just as difficult … Continue reading

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Felicity Anderson Quilts 15 and 16

Love this first one. Love those old fashioned white lilies, and found some drawn into EQ when I was looking to add some white to the designs in this series. Something different … very different for me!

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