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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps 17, 18

Plenty of applique blocks, with a dozen pieced blocks, and I love the result. I like the second one too, but should have added some quilting.

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Nan’s Nine Patches 37, 38

Very, very interesting. I like the second, but it is not as interesting as the first one!

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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps Centered 17, 18

Love the first design today, but guess what is missing from the corners! Lots to like about the second, including quilting motifs in the corners.

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Purple Haze 6, 7, 8

Interesting! Love the second one … my favourite for today! Love the variety in the blocks. The last one is also interesting, but could use more variety in the blocks … just three different blocks in this one.

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Basic 9P Quilts 13, 14

Just two fabrics, or light and dark scraps … make 9 patch blocks in some rather different layouts, then lay them out to form abstract designs. It would be quite a challenge to sort fabrics for a scrap version of … Continue reading

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9 Patch ‘n’ Apps 7×7 25, 26

Nice, but pretty busy. Love. love, love the second design! Love how the darker background fabric becomes the feature fabric in the outer row of blocks, and the way the central blocks are linked discretely by the two lighter fabrics.

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Red and White Quilts 46, 47, 48

Two fabrics, 9P blocks, and lots of space to show off some quilting. My favourite for today is the one above. I like the blank spaces in all of these … but then I always like space to feature quilting … Continue reading

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Light and Dark Squares 3, 6

Though I have used just two fabrics, this would work well with dark and light fabric scraps if they are well sorted, and all the medium fabrics ae saved for another project. Using one multicoloured fabric is my way of … Continue reading

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9P Pretties from EQ5 11, 12

All the designs in this project file look very washed out, which is what you would expect of real quilts as old as these designs! The second one must have been bleached at some time. I think I was experimenting … Continue reading

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Purple Haze 4

Piecing is too fussy for me, but the colours make it look good to me! The second one is interesting. Ah, wow!

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