Ann’s Album OP 19, 20


Another nice one.

Another nice gardening day coming up, and I hope I don’t find blocks of concrete a couple of inches below ground level today! Much easier to play in dirt planting irises, and I am sure the plants will grow much better!


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6 Responses to Ann’s Album OP 19, 20

  1. Have fun playing in the dirt!


  2. Laura says:

    Why blocks of concrete? Were they a foundation for a previous, and long gone, foundation?


    • Laura,

      I have no idea why they were there, but I am guessing they were to border a path in front of what used to be a hen house, but the pieces were far too big to be a border path … so maybe a foundation for some former building on the block. I have dug up a lot of rubbish which makes me thing that maybe the block was used as a dumping ground for broken glass and crockery, horseshoes, No 8 fencing wire … the wire which was used to fix anything which broke before duct tape … but no other signs of a building. It has been broken into pieces for a long time as there is lots of dirt between the pieces. It is now an above ground border elsewhere in the garden.

      The home for the chickens is now a shadehouse and potting shed, but we still call it the Chook Shed, and I am thinking of getting a sign made to tell the world it is ‘The old Chook’s Shed’!

      Judy B

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  3. cindythequilter says:

    Love the name for the “Chook’s Shed” It definitely would not be fun to try to plant into cement blocks. I really like the second one today. It is really beautiful.


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