Pieced, Patched and Pretty Too 11 Reprise

Sometime ago I shared this quilt design.

Pieced, Patched and Pretty Too 11

One of my regular visitors left this comment …

“For some reason this appears as if the whole center including the twisted rope border is set slightly “skewed” or “crooked” in the outer borders. Maybe I just need to straighten my glasses.”

I had noticed the same thing, but dismissed it at the time as I was in a hurry to share a design that day, or I was doing it before the coffee had kicked in for the day.

When I read the comment I had another look at the design in EQ, printed it out, and it was an optical illusion … everything was squared up correctly, all the borders were the same width all the way around the quilt … but it still looked like it was drunk.

Eventually I started playing with the design, and it is that rope border causing an optical illusion … and with a bit of twisting and turning the rope I reversed the illusion, but it still looks out of whack, just tipped the other way.

Pieced, Patched and Pretty Too 11a

Some more twisting and turning and I now have a quilt deign which looks balanced, and I feel as though the coffee has kicked in … as it should, as I have had three coffee breaks to fix the illusion!

Pieced, Patched and Pretty Too 11b.JPG

Note to self, and anybody else using a rope border … give the rope a twist in the centre of each side.


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6 Responses to Pieced, Patched and Pretty Too 11 Reprise

  1. birdnana14425 says:

    Thanks for the EQ Lesson…who would have thought a twist would fix it…LOL Like this one anyhow….

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  2. Vireya says:

    Fascinating what a difference that twist makes!


  3. Wow. I had no idea that would make such a difference but it really does show up as straight now. Good thing you had a full pot of coffee!


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