Fantasy Floral Quilt 7


While playing with this project file sometime ago I opened a can of worms.

I kept mixing and matching the elements of crossing applique designs as new blocks. I borrowed floral elements from the baskets of flowers in the series to create more cross designs, and mixed and matched them all.

This grew into a collection of over 300 floral cross designs. Most of the flower heads have been used on long and short stems, leaves are wide and narrow, multiple head flowers have assorted numbers of heads. I then started mixing and matching the four spoke crosses to create eight spoke crosses like the ones used above.

I drew each block design so the elements could be easily interchanged, and they can also be used as quilting motifs.

Unfortunately, I numbered each variation as I drew it up, instead of naming each one then numbering the variations. That means that the variations of the basic leaf are not filed together, neither are the variations of the tulips, carnation, rose … are you starting to get the picture?

I opened the Floral Fantasy project file and thought that I should add quilting while the file has only a dozen or so virtual designs, and I have spent several hours finding all the variations I need in amongst those 300 plus designs.

I think I need to find a way to sort them all, name the variations of each leaf, flower or bud, then number them off!

Playing with the new toy, a  Brother Scan’N’Cut, the other day, and I had a need for a strong coffee, because I couldn’t remember how to change the pressure on the blade. Retiring to the garden with a coffee and the manual solved that memory problem!

I have also realised that having spent time making my block designs more accurate by eliminating the overlaps i initially used in applique designs means I can pull the pieces apart easily to cut them in the Scan’N’Cut!

PS … just noticed an errant piece of applique in the border! Now that is one mistake I wouldn’t make in a real quilt. Well, maybe not.

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