9 Patch ‘n’ Apps 7×7 9

9 Patch 'n' Apps 7x7 9

Bit more room to play with today, though using the same blocks as yesterday’s design … and some quilting too!


About Virtual Quilter

I am a quilter who designs many more quilts than I will ever make, and I am sharing one quilt design every day in Virtual Quilter. I also share my completed projects in Stuff-Ups, and Christmas decorations in Christmas Everyday of the Year.
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2 Responses to 9 Patch ‘n’ Apps 7×7 9

  1. cindythequilter says:

    Wow. What a wonderful thing to be able to see the quilting designs as well. Love this design.


    • Cindy,

      It has taken me a while to get to enjoy playing with quilting designs in EQ, but now I love it.

      It has meant that I am spending a lot of play time redrawing applique blocks so there are not any overlapping pieces which are hidden under layers in applique, but become extra quilting lines on the quilting layer. Time consuming, but very satisfying to be able to add virtual quilting to virtual quilts.

      Judy B


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