9 Patch ‘n’ Apps Centred 5

9 Patch 'n' Apps Centred 5

Another one I like lots!

I particularly like the low contrast pieced blocks  … there are enough seams there to make marking that area for quilting superfluous!


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4 Responses to 9 Patch ‘n’ Apps Centred 5

  1. Laura says:

    Really likin’ that background!


  2. cindythequilter says:

    I agree this one works exceptionally well. It makes it so great to quilt when there are seams to use as your “marked” lines. I love this centre as well. The curves combined with the straight lines makes it so much more interesting.


    • Cindy,

      I was born lazy, and am always looking for ways to make life easier. Mind you, working out the easiest way is sometimes very hard work, but worth it. Following seams is much better than ignoring them and quilting over them with an unrelated design. Off seeting the quilting line using quarter inch tape does some interesting things to a design too … and follows the tradition of quilting far enough away to avoid stitching through the seam lines.

      Judy B

      On 16 January 2016 at 08:05, Virtual Quilter wrote:



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