Mexican Rose Quilt 1

Mexican Rose is one of the blocks I have played with many times when designing virtual quilts. Recently I decided to see just how much I could do with the block design. The centre block in the quilt is the original block design, all the other blocks use the same design elements which have been bent and twisted to make block designs which are simpler, or busier, and includes blocks which will create both diagonal and straight borders within designs. Then I made them into quilting stencils, and added cross hatched background to every design … but have now decided that the cross hatching doesn’t need to be seen on a virtual quilt.

Mexican Rose Quilt 1

The border is not quilted, and it makes the rest of it look dirty! Yuk!

Mexican Rose Quilt 1A

Much better with a softer contrast between the background fabric and the quilting thread colour.

Mind you, it makes it more difficult to see on a screen … tip your screen back a bit may help, or click on the pictures for a closer view.

Mexican Rose Quilt 1B

Looks clearer without the cross hatching!

This quilt is an example of how quilting thread colour can affect a finished quilt, though the effect is multiplied in virtual quilts. In real quilts the quilting adds the third dimension, and a lot of the appeal is softness of the spaces between the lines, rather than the lines themselves … the lines are only important to define the soft space between them.

I would still do some cross hatching on this design, but would use a thread to match the background fabric so that the lines would just be a shadow between the soft, cuddly spaces.


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4 Responses to Mexican Rose Quilt 1

  1. The difference in the cross hatching thread is amazing. I agree it is probably emphasized in the virtual quilt but the color would still make quite an impact on a real quilt too. I agree that the cross hatching would be better in a matching color to the background in this quilt for sure. It could make quite a statement depending on the quilt and where it is used!


    • Cindy,

      I will admit that I now spend more time virtual quilting than real quilting, but I am learning way more while virtually quilting. (The real is starting to catch up again though.) Just being able to see the effect of different thread colours on the screen has been a real eye opener … something which would have taken so much effort to see in real life … and so much more time and effort unpicking! Of course, sometimes using a contrast colour thread will create the effect I want … but not if I was going to make this particular design.

      Judy B

      On 27 August 2015 at 01:35, Virtual Quilter wrote:



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