Behind the Scenes 20

Behind the Scenes 20

Interesting change in the background fabric … something to remember when the background fabric you have just will not stretch far enough. Just remember to pass it off as part of your design, don’t tell anyone it was a fix!

Back after a weekend away, and found two quilts didn’t get their day in the limelight, but they have been found and published.

Lesson, never go away without a mouse! Trying to use a touch pad is not fun!


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I am a quilter who designs many more quilts than I will ever make, and I am sharing one quilt design every day in Virtual Quilter. I also share my completed projects in Stuff-Ups, and Christmas decorations in Christmas Everyday of the Year.
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  1. I know what you mean about the mouse. I envy the people who can use a touch pad almost as good as a mouse. I am literally a total washout on the touch pad.


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