Pieced Patched and Pretty One 9 and 10

Pieced Patched and Pretty One 9

Love both of these designs.

Pieced Patched and Pretty One 10

A few months ago I spent quite a few hours tidying up the block designs in this series, but there are still some blocks which need a bit of work! The weather forecast for my little corner of the world is for a spell of summer … time to sit near the air conditioner … which just happens to be where the computer desk is!

I also found a couple of mistakes in three of the twenty or so designs in this project file which is from EQ5. I added a motif to Layer 2, where we can add applique or embroidered designs over the blocks on the top layer. I added the motif, yes, but omitted to colour it, which means it appeared as a white out! I went on to fix the mistake, but didn’t wake up that I had created something which I would later, years later, discover as a very interesting design feature!

Pieced Patched and Pretty Whiteout

Difficult to see on this background … I will repeat that with outlines!

Pieced Patched and Pretty Whiteout 2

Pity I don’t take notice of my mistakes when I make them the first time. Luckily I repeated this mistake again, and took notice!


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2 Responses to Pieced Patched and Pretty One 9 and 10

  1. For a mistake it is pretty spectacular. Love the last design where you can see the “mistake”. The first design is gorgeous too. Beautiful!


    • Cindy,

      It does look pretty good now … but several years ago all I saw was the mistake!

      I usually try to learn from my mistakes, and not repeat them,but sometimes repeating them proves they weren’t a mistake at all.

      Judy B

      On 7 February 2015 at 13:01, Virtual Quilter wrote:



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