Burgoyne Surrounded by Irish 46

Burgoyne Surrounded by Irish 46

Wonder how many little squares there are!

I am having trouble holding my head upright this morning … I keep tilting to the left, then the right … and thinking about tipping those blocks on point!


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8 Responses to Burgoyne Surrounded by Irish 46

  1. lcarolynyn says:

    Interesting…what if…you turned it on point and filled in the large empty spaces with the little squares?


  2. Kathy O in GA says:

    I had to laugh out loud, the head tilting…I started doing that as I read it…love it!


    • Kathy,

      Spreading the exercise around!

      Mixing up this collection of blocks has created a lot of designs with diagonal lines … placing the blocks on point will create vertical and horizontal lines, so will be an interesting exercise when I find the time to sit and play … with no distractions … for a couple of hours.


  3. Vicki W says:

    I so want to make a Burgoyne Surrounded quilt bit I just can’t get my head around all those pieces!


    • Vicki,

      Lots of little pieces, yes, but they are all squares and rectangles, and not so tiny if you make a 14 inch block. It could be done by joining strips and cutting rather than individual pieces.

      I know the history behind the name of the block, but would love to know about the person who designed it … it is an intricate design for its time.

      Judy B


  4. Marie says:

    I like that one, but if that’s what makes a quilt, then so be it. It just takes a bit longer to put together, and isn’t that all the fun anyway. (and I reckon it would look good on point too)


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