Log Cabin + 37, 38, 39, 40, 41 and 42

Log Cabin + 37

This series features traditional Log Cabin blocks plus some made with all dark fabrics, and some with all light fabrics.

The project folder has over 270 designs … which probably hasn’t made an impression on the number of designs which are possible.

Log Cabin + 38

I added three or four while I was uploading the six designs I am sharing today. It doesn’t take long to design them … takes longer presenting them here!

Log Cabin + 39

The rule to keep in mind when making blocks for quilts like these is to make sure you have good contrast between the light and dark fabrics. Without that contrast the overall design is hard to see.

Log Cabin + 40

I love the one above!

I would love to see it made up, but only of that contrast is good … the design is too good to waste with bad fabric choices.

Log Cabin + 41

The one above is a simpler design and would work with the contrast less defined.

The rule is to keep it simple if the contrast is not good.

Log Cabin + 42

If I wanted to make a scrappy Log Cabin quilt I would sort the fabrics into three piles … light, medium and dark. The medium pile would go back onto the shelf and I would use the dark and light.


Electric Quilt have released a new plug-in for EQ7

It is called


Sounds like fun even though I don’t have an embroidery machine!


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  1. Marie says:

    I think I like 37 and 40 the most. Like the comment about the lights, mediums and darks, very apt


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