Star Power Winner

JM All in the Family JB 8

The tickets were all checked and ready for the draw, then had to wait, and wait for the master of the house to finish work.

He walked in, and saw the ice bucket on the table with little slips of paper in it, and I told him he had to draw one out … he did … and there was a name on it.

He also commented that the ice bucket was a golf trophy he had won!

JM All in the Family JB 9

Del … you are a winner!

An email is on its way.

Email me your snail mail address and in return and a copy of Star Power will be on its way in the near future!

Thank you for all the comments, and for all the visits when you don’t comment.

Thank you Electric Quilt for your support … and a wonderful program … and the copy of Star Power to give away.

Final thank you to Judy Martin … I learned some of the final details of piecing by machine from Judy’s early books … learned to look at Log Cabin blocks in totally different ways thanks to her books on Log Cabin designs … and own a couple of tools designed to use with her methods of cutting and piecing.

Electric Quilt have lots more star patterns available from My Boutique and you can visit Judy’s website


About Virtual Quilter

I am a quilter who designs many more quilts than I will ever make, and I am sharing one quilt design every day in Virtual Quilter. I also share my completed projects in Stuff-Ups, and Christmas decorations in Christmas Everyday of the Year.
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15 Responses to Star Power Winner

  1. billiemick says:

    Wow Judy! Love it.


  2. justpurrfick says:

    Congrats to Del. I am envious of you. Enjoy your stars.
    Thank you Judy for all your enthusiasm and sharing of EQ. I constantly see new things because of you.


    • Sorry I haven’t got a copy for you too! And thank you for being a regular visitor and for making some very interesting comments … though sometimes they should come with a warning to put my coffee down!


  3. catdownunder says:

    As Judy well knows I am allergic to sewing needles (but not knitting needles). These designs have knitterly possibilities… purrrrrrr!


  4. Del Soden says:

    Thank you thank you!
    I’m thrilled to win this! I have just plastered it all over Facebook, I’m so thrilled to win it.
    I have a very beautiful great niece whose name is Star and I will finally be getting around to making a quilt, with the help of this, for her.

    And thank you for The Virtual Quilter blog Judy. I have been a fan of yours for a long time and have been following your blog for a while and I love the way your mind works. I love what you come up with . . . . . . Most of the time, . . . . you know this from my frequent comments on Facebook. But even the designs I’m not to fond of I learn something from just by looking at them, see how you place things, blance them and or accentuate them. I look forward every day to seeing what you have come up with.
    Quilters eye candy.
    Del Soden
    Dubbo. NSW.


  5. Congrats to Del! How fun that she has a niece whose name is Star!


    • Laura,

      I was excited about giving the program away … but nowhere near as excited as Del … she has been busy on Facebook, in an Aussie online group we belong to … and her lovely comment here!

      Judy B


  6. Kaye Tate says:

    Congrats to Del! Fantastic, so happy for you.


  7. Marie says:

    Congratulations Del! Sounds like you’l have many hours of enjoyment, and fancy having a great niece named Star, how beautiful is that


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