Star Power

JM All in the Family Sampler

The quilt design above is one of the 61 designs included in the Electric Quilt 7 package,

Star Power

by Judy Martin.

All of the 61 designs are ready to go … you can print out fabric requirements and cutting instructions and you are on or way.

But … I have only once made a quilt exactly as instructed, and even then I had to work my way around the cutting instructions which included a mistake.

JM All in the Family JB 1

(I just rotated a few blocks, just to see if I could!)

 I can open up the Star Power project file in Electric Quilt 7 and change the size of the blocks, the number of blocks, play with the colours, add sashing and borders … in this case I don’t think I can improve on Judy Martin’s designs, but I can change it to see what happens.

JM All in the Family JB 2

I have added a narrow border … but the design is still very recognizable as Judy Martin’s work.

JM All in the Family JB 3

Change of colours … but not design.

Makes a difference though!

JM All in the Family JB 4

Removed a few stars around the outside.

JM All in the Family JB 5

Went shopping in the Electric Quilt fabric library for more fabric to replace the shading around the edge … returning to the original style of colouring.

JM All in the Family JB 6

Added a bit of bright yellow to some stars … and made the background a different colour.

(Need to lighten up some of the fabrics in the stars … not just the yellow!)

JM All in the Family JB 7

If you have Electric Quilt, or have it on your wish list, and would like to play with Star Power yourself, leave a comment on this post before the next virtual quilt arrives and I just might send you a copy.


About Virtual Quilter

I am a quilter who designs many more quilts than I will ever make, and I am sharing one quilt design every day in Virtual Quilter. I also share my completed projects in Stuff-Ups, and Christmas decorations in Christmas Everyday of the Year.
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41 Responses to Star Power

  1. justpurrfick says:

    I have been counting the quilts waiting for this post. I so want this add on. So if I dont get snail mail, I will own it any way. Thank you for the extras and the opportunity!
    Love stars.


  2. justpurrfick says:

    OMG OMG thank you for the quilt pattern. Love your generosity.


  3. Mel Meister says:

    I am really blown away by your generosity. Thank you so much! Stars are some of my very favorite patterns.


  4. Marie says:

    My first thought was, ooh, very pretty. They all are. Doesn’t black change the whole look of a quilt


  5. Carol says:

    I have taken a class from her and she is a lot of fun. I love to make stars and this one is sparkly and fun.


  6. billiemick says:

    Pick me!!!! Pick Me!! (Billie jumping up and down from Texas waving!)…..giggle


  7. Glynis says:

    Looks impressive Judy and so much fun!!


  8. Dee/Del Soden says:

    I have a grams niece named Star. This will be perfect for her. Thanks for the pattern.
    If I win the book I will probably have to give it another thought.
    Not a problem.


  9. Kim Q says:

    I just *LOVE* stars, doesn’t matter if the background is dark or light, I just love them! Thanks for the free project file, I really like the layout. Love the fans too!


  10. Patty Moffitt says:

    I really like star quilts and this one is quite a beauty. Don’t know if I am brave enough to try it, but would sure like to see it on my bed!


  11. Rina says:

    Stars are my favorite and I love the way the fabric choice changes the whole thing. Thanks for the download!


  12. Love the stars and changing the colors of background makes an amazing difference. I need to discipline myself to use my EQ7!


  13. Dona says:

    Thank you for the EQ file for the weddingrings-fans quilt – really a lovely group. I am a fan of Judy Martin and would love to win the EQ JM Stars collection! Judy Martin seems to be able to put a traditional block into a setting that makes it spectacular. I would enjoy seeing what this new software has, and play with it in EQ.


  14. Judy says:

    Love the stars. You amaze me! I wish I was as proficient with EQ7.


  15. Sue Chapman says:

    Loved your choices of fabrics/colors for this quilt! Especially like how the black background makes the colors SING! (Good job! — but you know that!)


  16. catdownunder says:

    Oooh I like prowling around the stars at night! Now if you did it with midnight blue and lots of silver and white and grey and tiny twinkly bits of colour,,,,,purr!


  17. Orlie says:

    You have hit a home run with this pattern. I am Stars all the way!!!! Everything I make has stars in it. Thank you for a chance to win this add on.


  18. Debbie says:

    The Judy Martin add-on looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for the extra download. Beautiful design!


  19. I agree with other commenters…love the black background! Even better…what Cat says about midnight blue and silver and glitter! Thank you for the Wedding Fans download!


  20. All i can say is WOW.I love the black settint and a chance to win a book.


  21. Claudia Chang says:

    I love the black background. Star power add-on look so much fun. Thank you for the Wedding Fans download!


  22. Nancy says:

    Absolutely LOVE your wedding fans! Lots of idesa that I’m just waiting to try!


  23. Erika says:

    Would like to win this fantastic add on.
    Erika from Austria


  24. Just beautiful! Love the designs of Judy Martin and yours, too.


  25. Deevena says:

    This is so cool. Love the black star quilt.


  26. Jan Allston says:

    It looks good Judy. Would be a very useful extra for EQ7 too. Love your colour schemes for this one.


  27. Cherie Lumsden says:

    Love, love, love it. Love the black even more. What a fabulous add on.
    Thank you so much for the download, without your daily quilts might have given up on EQ – now I love it.


  28. Love the colourways and rotations – would look great as it is in solids (I can feel a dyeing session coming on!) or in lovely batiks, and the darker versions would be ideal for some vintage style moda fabrics – very versatile design – thanks so much for bringing us these ones! Passed along to other friends – who knows, we might do a collaboration. Thanks again for all your lovely designs.


  29. Diane Russell says:

    It is always fun to see the same pattern in different colorways. Isn’t it fun to see how the most drab fabric can bust with a black background. I think that stars is a basisc quilt pattern and so versitable. Stars come in all sizes and shapes, so they are great choices for borders or the main body of the quilt. Plus children love them.


  30. Mary Landis says:

    I think that Stars really make the quilt, I have found that the quilts that I have made that have stars in them are the ones that I like the best. Thank you for all of the great quilts that you post, you inspire me to do more.


  31. Sally H says:

    I love playing with EQ, and stars are my favorite design element. Thanks for the chance.


  32. Martha says:

    Star Power are on my Wish List! Love EQ… Love Stars!!! Most every quilt I make has a star in it!


  33. Ruth says:

    OMG I love stars! I have all Judy Martin’s books and love her designs. I would be in heaven if I won this. Thanks for your generosity.


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  36. MJ Baker says:

    Wow! Love the Star Power! Thanks for the chance to win.


  37. Kaye Tate says:

    Love the stars! What a treat that would be to use. Thanks for the chance. Just got a chance to look at email, new granddaughter born 1-8-13.


  38. These designs are giving real pleasure to the eyes and are very different from other quilts which we see in the market. I am thinking to buy a small quilt of one such design for my baby son.


  39. Trudi G says:

    I think I am too old to spend any more money on quilting software, and I have all the EQ up to 6. But I have just discovered Judy Martin, and purchased all the books I could find on Alibris which is a discount book place. I got 12 books for much less than the upgrade. My children and grands can enjoy or sell the books but software is a different story. Guess I will just keep wishing.
    Keep up the good work. I enjoy your site!


    • Trudi,

      Sounds like you have a bargain with all the Judy Martin books. She gives some very practical advice about how to do patchwork in books, and you need that knowledge to be able to put any quilt together, not just the ones in her books. Her techniques can be used to put together quilts from pretty much any source, from her EQ add-ons, plus books and magazine patterns from her and all the other designers out there. I don’t have all the Judy Martin books, but I am very glad that I found the first one soon after I started quilting.

      You can have a lot of fun with EQ6 … many of the designs I share here are ones which were in project folders well before EQ7 was released, and have now been upgraded to EQ7. Don’t forget that you can use EQ to make changes to designs wherever you find them.

      Judy B


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