Red and White 2 Block Quilts 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35

The red and white team won last night, so there will be quite a bit of red and white around this week.

One block is staying the same … in this series I have ten Nine Patch blocks plus alternative colouring for two of them and I am trying out all the possible combinations of the blocks.

I have found some interesting combinations, and seeing combinations which will work together to create elements of designs which are useful when using more blocks in a design. Nothing spectacular, but interesting excercise.

Will I live long enough to sit here and do the same for the rest of the nine patch blocks I have found? No.

I have tried all these designs on point, and will show you more of those tomorrow.

Then I could try all the three colour combinations, … and yet the most common words spoken when people are talking about design is that there is nothing new!

I should go back to the basics, and show each block set side by side, then with an alternate solid block … another twenty four designs … but I am not going to bother with adding sashing, with and /or without sashing squares!


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