Double Wedding String of Beads 3, 4 and 5

I love playing with traditional blocks to see what I can do with it. Sometimes I mix two, sometimes more, traditional blocks or concepts and see what happens.

String of Beads became popular in the 1930s. The straight line blocks with the diagonal lines is the original design. I found by playing with some scrap ‘beads’ that basically the leaf shape can be placed along any line going anywhere …. and here I have used them along the shapes which usually appear in Double Wedding Rings.

In the second design you can see the Double Wedding Ring clearly, even though I have left out some lines.

The final design for today has the beads arranged in more traditional style appliques.

Using fusible webbing and machine stitching these are much easier to make than the original needle turn applique methods. My preference is half and half … fuse the appliques in place, and secure them with  buttonhole stitch by hand.


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  1. Marie B says:

    very nice, but not my cup of tea


  2. gina says:


    love and hugs Gina xxx


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