Border Beauties (Replacements) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

Late last year I deleted several Electric Quilt project files, including Border Beauties.

I had saved a few as picture files so the series continued for a while with the few homeless virtual quilts.

I started playing with a selection of blocks which turned out to be nearly the same as Border Beauties, and so I went shopping in the fabric library for similar fabrics.

And so Border Beauties continues!

The original series started when I wanted to play with sashing of different widths, pieced, appliqued etc, but the borders sort of took over the project.

I particularly liked the first one used above, which is a repetition of exactly the same simple strip pieced border with a more complex corner.

The second one has two variations in use of fabric with a different border between them.

As with the original series I have been playing with the blocks and sashing as well as the borders, as it is very difficult to create a border without anything in the middle.

In the first two I have made the sashing wider so that it is rather difficult to work out what is sashing and what is block!

In this one the sashing is as wide as the blocks, and using block designs in the sashing just looks like my usual designs where I mix up assorted blocks and some blank spaces.

I did a bit of stirring of the blocks in the second one to get this.

One block, sashing, and a heap of borders …… I think this is officially a Medallion quilt.

I love the sashing, using the same block in both the corner and the sashing strip.

I just might have to play with that block in some borders.

Can you pick centre block, sashing, applique border and two pieced borders?

Electric Quilt 7 will be shipped on Monday ……. and I am just 18 short of 1000 virtual quilts.

There will be a free pattern for a virtual quilt available for a few days, while I celebrate with some bubbly

and less computer time uploading virtual quilts!

Check out what Liz has been doing From the Basement to show how much she deserves EQ7

And Leeann is showing off …. one of the features new to EQ7.

(She won a copy so isn’t waiting like most of us!)


About Virtual Quilter

I am a quilter who designs many more quilts than I will ever make, and I am sharing one quilt design every day in Virtual Quilter. I also share my completed projects in Stuff-Ups, and Christmas decorations in Christmas Everyday of the Year.
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13 Responses to Border Beauties (Replacements) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

  1. maggi21 says:

    You certainly deserve that bubbly.


  2. marta says:

    Hola Judy, desde aqui tambien celebraré contigo, lo merecés, que produccion amiga.!!!
    Espero que el patron tambien lo pongas en pdf, para las que no tenemos electric.
    Tal vez, ahora que estas construyendo fronteras, podrias probar con alguna reconstruida con bloques cabin, te parece?

    Hi Judy, from here also celebrate with you, deserve it, that production friend.!
    I hope that the pattern also put it in pdf, for which we have no electric.
    Perhaps, now that you’re building borders, you might try some blocks reconstructed cabin, you think?


    • Marta,

      Yes the pattern will be in PDF format too, and as it is a rather large file I have divided it into several small files.

      I have a name for a series of borders using Log Cabin blocks, but haven’t started work on it yet! It will be called Log Cabin Walls. I might wait until Electric Quilt 7 arrives before I start work on that one!

      I think there must be an unwritten law of quiltmaking which says that we will run out of at least one fabric while making every quilt! I will still be here waiting to see your mystery quilt.

      Si el patrn ser en formato PDF tambin, y como es un archivo bastante grande me la han dividido en varios archivos pequeos.

      Tengo un nombre para una serie de bloques de las fronteras por registro de cabina, pero no han empezado a trabajar en ella todava! Se llamar Log Cabin Paredes. Podra esperar hasta edredones elctrica 7 llega antes de empezar a trabajar en esa trampa

      Creo que debe haber una ley no escrita de hacer manta que dice que se quedar sin al menos una tela de manta y hagan todo! Yo estar aqu esperando a ver su edredn misterio.

      Judy B


  3. marta says:

    Olvidé decirte que aun no puedo hacer las fronteras de nuestro quilt misterio, porque no tengo los colores adecuados , me quedé sin tela, pero me propongo conseguirla la semana entrante, igualmente termino de coser esta noche los bloques, y lo publico, pero sin fronteras, ups!!

    forgot to tell you that even I can not do the borders of our mystery quilt, because I have the right colors, I ran out of fabric, but I intend to get it next week, also finished sewing the blocks tonight, and the public, but without borders , oops!


  4. Oooh, I do like the one with the grapes(?). Borders are pretty cool and I’m starting to get adventurous with them now. I saw Leeann’s post – just making it harder for the rest of us to wait!


    • Liz,

      I am going to play with borders more ….. I like to add a border of some sort to every quilt, and relly need to spend more time playing with border designs.

      Leeann is making it hard for the rest of us …..I am worrying that it will take forever for my package to get over the Pacific Ocean!

      Judy B


  5. Glynis says:

    I was just on your blog admiring your many quilts and received a message from you – so you were checking out my blog while I was checking yours lol! I too have ordered EQ7 (the upgrade), just so I no longer have to worry about the EQ6 activations ever again. I have now loaded EQ6 on to my everyday computer and breath a sigh of relief. Like that bottom quilt.


    • Glynis ….. this Internet is a small world …. I was reading the previous comment from Liz when you left your comment!

      That bottom quilt is the one I like best of these.

      Judy B


  6. cat says:

    Cats do not quilt – but they recognise boundaries (and then ignore them). The bottom quilt is bound to be successful!


  7. Kay Dungavell says:

    Hi Judy,
    I am looking through some of your virtual quilts – in particular the Border beauties. Is there a block in EQ6 for the corner of the Border that looks like two strips interlocking (in a sort of square. you posted these virtual quilts on the 4th June.
    I guess what I am supposed to do is “make” the block in
    I need to put a border on a mini Round Robin swap I am in and I think that this border looks smashing.
    Bye now


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