Mid Week Retreat on St Patrick’s Day

When I introduced the Mid Week Retreats to concentrate on Log Cabin variations every week I went through my diary where I record the virtual quilts and marked in all the Wednesdays for the first few months of the year, including March.

Wednesday, March 17th, ……. St Patrick’s Day. I haven’t really set out to mark every special day with its own virtual quilt, but this one, because it fell on a Wednesday, tied together Irish Chain and Log Cabin.

Two well known and very popular quilt designs, which I have been making into a wide variety of virtual quilts, and for a moment I was torn between sticking with the routine of Log cabin designs on Wednesday, and showing a virtual Irish Chain variation, or maybe even introducing Triple irish Chain variations into the program.

BUT …… I have already mixed Irish Chain with Burgoyne Surrounded with interesting results, why not mix Irish Chain with Log Cabin?

So, the two Irish Chain blocks,

and a very basic Log Cabin with just two rounds of logs are drafted on the same grid

That should work!

And it did, with some nice results, but not really exciting.

Sooooo ……

what if I wrap the Logs around the Irish Chain?

Ah! Interesting, and I had to extend the squares of the Irish Chain in the centre out through the Log Cabin so the chain wouldn’t be broken

Which means I had to add Chimneys and Cornerstones into the mix,

which is drafted on the same grid as ……..

Triple Irish Chain!

I am not keen on green beer, but Bailey makes a nice drop of Irish Cream.

I think I will have a tipple ……. in fact, make it a triple!

Then I’ll show you some Irish Log Cabins.

About Virtual Quilter

I am a quilter who designs many more quilts than I will ever make, and I am sharing one quilt design every day in Virtual Quilter. I also share my completed projects in Stuff-Ups, and Christmas decorations in Christmas Everyday of the Year.
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6 Responses to Mid Week Retreat on St Patrick’s Day

  1. Judy

    I think the idea of mixing two different blocks together to make new blocks is brilliant. It opens up so many possibilities.


    • Wayne,

      It was a very interesting exercise!

      There is a feature in Electric Quilt 6 which will merge two block patterns, bascically by placing all the lines in one square which creates a mosaic block with more pieces than either of the two separate blocks.

      I really must play with it to know exactly how it works and what you can do with it. I am not too sure if it would be restrictive, or open up possibilities which I would not think of anyother way.

      Judy B


  2. Beth Patrick says:

    yes, I agree with Wayne — great quilt designs you came up with!
    yuum,, think I have to go get some Bailey’s! and Hey! my last name is Patrick,, the day is MINE!


    • Beth,

      Thank you – it was a challenge to get started, but once I had the blocks the designs started to flow. There are way more than I have used so far!

      Hope your day was special!

      Judy B


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