Cabin Fever 1, 2, 3 and 4

When it is too hot to do anything else I tend to sew, but my current sewing room is not at all comfortable on a hot day. Anywhere is too hot to hand sew. So I played with blocks, fabric and quilts on the computer until I got sick of sorting designs in project files ……… and started mixing stuff up.

So, what happens when you tip all the variety of Log Cabin blocks onto the same log pile, and give them a stir?

I have already mixed up blocks a bit when I used the logs on point, Courthouse steps need a few variations to make interesting quilts, but now how about traditional Log Cabin blocks, all light, all dark blocks, Thick and Thin, Courthouse Steps, Chimneys and Cornerstones, and some that look a bit like useful mistakes! And maybe there are some I haven’t found by accident or intent yet, but if I find them I will be happy to add them to the pile. The really hard part will be sorting the pile into some sort of order!

So, the rules are …..

Blocks must be constructed around a square, using contrasting fabrics.

Quilts can be set straight or on point using any combination of blocks constructed as in rule one! I will leave the Logs on Point where they are, and restrict this series to quilts with straight settings.

In other words, I need the weather to cool down so I can get out into the garden for some fresh air and excercise to clear the head!


I am.

Not even the hot weather can distract me now!

Ah, yes! I like it like that!

So far I have well over 100 variations of the Log Cabin, Courthouse Steps, Chimneys and Cornerstones and Thick and Thin blocks to play with in this series!

How many quilts can I design with that many blocks?

How long is a piece of thread?

Mystery Quilt details have just been posted!

I wrote this post a week in advance, during last weeks Mid Week Retreat, and last weeks hot spell of weather. By the end of the week cabin fever was starting to feel normal, but the mood swings took me back to the days of PMT!

This week is cooler, but still a little above my comfort zone during the middle of the day. Of course, in the other half of the world people have cabin fever due to the opposite weather conditions! A nice average would make a pleasant change for all of us.

About Virtual Quilter

I am a quilter who designs many more quilts than I will ever make, and I am sharing one quilt design every day in Virtual Quilter. I also share my completed projects in Stuff-Ups, and Christmas decorations in Christmas Everyday of the Year.
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5 Responses to Cabin Fever 1, 2, 3 and 4

  1. Donna says:

    Ohh, that last one is very pretty… Could I have the EQ file please. I think there are going to be many Log Cabin quilts in my life. Thank you Judy.


  2. gina says:

    Love that last one. After I finished Judy’s Star ( which I have started honest) I think that might be the next on eth list for a Wednesday

    Love and hugs Gina xxx


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