Log Cabin + Lt 1 …… and Log Cabin + Lt 2

Time for a mid week break and a couple of Log Cabin blocks. Got your coffee? (You are welcome to have tea or milo if you prefer. I will keep the kettle topped up all day today!)

I started a series of Log Cabin Plus designs a while ago ….. then deleted the project file. Over the Christmas break I filled in a few hours playing with Log Cabin designs, and now have new project files replacing the dleted files.

They are not a reacreations of the files I deleted …… my memory for quilt designs is quite good, but not that good!. In the deleted file I used both all light and all dark blocks to replace some of the more usual half light/half dark blocks. This time I worked through with just the all light blocks, then started another file and added all dark blocks.

This week I am introducing the new Log Cabin + series with two designs. The one above uses eight all light blocks and fifty six half light/half dark blocks.

Swap another twelve half and half blocks for all light blocks and look at how the designs jumps out from the background. (24 light, 40 half and halfblocks required.)

And I love the way those centre squares in the all light blocks add their own design element to the overall quilt.

Something else for you to look at today ……

the 70s Log Cabin series now has it’s very own album page,

and you will always be able to find it over on the right hand side of this blog under Extra Pages,

or as you are here, you can just click


That is show and tell over for this week’s midweek retreat , so when you have finished your coffee, tea or milo it is back to work until next Wednesday.

About Virtual Quilter

I am a quilter who designs many more quilts than I will ever make, and I am sharing one quilt design every day in Virtual Quilter. I also share my completed projects in Stuff-Ups, and Christmas decorations in Christmas Everyday of the Year.
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8 Responses to Log Cabin + Lt 1 …… and Log Cabin + Lt 2

  1. paddysdaughter says:

    Both good, nice examples of movement within the design, the eye keeps seeing the secondary designs. Logs are one of my favourite designs, even though I have only made one.

    Thank goodness for the cool change – I nearly died over the last few days, but this morning I’m wearing a woolly jumper! Crazy weather. Cheers, Sue


    • virtualquilter says:

      Sue, Giggle, giggle! I have never made one either, though have been part of a couple of group efforts.

      One of them was in conjunction with a presentation of different ways to put Log Cabin Blocks together in different designs. We made sixteen blocks, fixed them to cardboard with pins, got one of our favourite fellahs to make an easel with four narrow shelves wide enough for four blocks, and while the speakers did their stuff, others turned the blocks on those shelves around to create different patterns. I think one show went quite smoothly, the other was a scream! No computerised presentation aids in the mid eighties!

      Today is wonderful weather ….. so glad we both survived!

      Judy B

      https://virtualquilter.wordpress.com http://stuffups.wordpress.com


  2. gina says:

    Love both those quilts. I may have to add them to my to do list.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx


  3. Joy V says:

    Wowb never would have thought doing log cabins using all light blocks – wonder what they will look like with some all dark blocks?
    Thank you for a great site.


  4. Beth Patrick says:

    great quilts! had a cuppa tea, bowl of cereal and enjoyed the mid-week retreat. I’m going to take your designa Log Cabin +2 and work it into EQ6 and see what the fabric amounts come to be and maybe have some fun! I have ALOT of stash that needs using and this looks just perfect ( but then they all look perfect! )
    gee, I could do this along with the 9×9 of yours I like, too,,
    I’m a chain piecing crazy woman with a lot of stash!

    thanks for doing this,, till next week!
    Beth in Dallas


    • virtualquilter says:

      Beth, Ooo! This is exciting ……. don’t forget I want a photo! Maybe both the Log Cabin and the EQ 9×9! I will expect you next week, but will give you more time to get one of the quilts together. By the way, you can have naming rights for the Log Cabin + 2, providing you don’t call it Blue Logs, or Brown ……! Judy B


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