The First Mid Week Log Cabin Retreat

Log Cabin 15

Here is the first of two designs in the first show and tell for the first mid week retreat.

Take time out from the busy week and retreat to a virtual log cabin, even if only for a few minutes.

It is a regular Log Cabin ……… well, regular Log Cabin in that there are four matching quarters joined together to make a whole, and the16 blocks in each of those quarters are all traditional half light, half dark blocks with same size strips.

It is also Log Cabin 15 from the original series I started, showing some of the possible designs using regular Log Cabin blocks. You can see the rest of the series in a virtual album page

Note that there is not a lot of variation in the shading of colours in either the light or doark side of the block, but there is a very strong contrast between the two sides. The fabrics don’t have a huge variation in the colours within the prints either. Too much pattern contrast in the fabrics will usually be a distraction when the overall design needs the strong contrast to be distinctive.

Using strips cut one and a half inches wide it will be an eleven inch block.

Other variations of this block will be introduced as they appear in other series.

70s Log Cabin 9

This series got it’s name from the fabrics, which remind me of the fabric designs I used to dress rag dolls in during the second half of the seventies, before I started quilting.

The series includes a few variations in the use of colour in the blocks ……. this one has eight blocks with all light fabrics to open up the overall design. I haven’t put together a virtual album page for this series yet …… perhaps I will get a chance during my retreat to get that done! In the meantime you can check them out using the search bar at the top of the page, right hand corner, or looking through the Log Cabin tags or categories on the right.

The block used in the 70s Log Cabin series is below. Easy to draft as a nine inch block, and constructed with strips cut one and a half inches wide. Note that the first strips added to the centre square are light ones, so the dark strips extend to the edges of the block.

The other variation of the block colouring used in the design above is this one.

At future midweek retreats I will show many variations of the basic block, but this is the one used in the 70s series, with a few variations of colourings

One of the search terms used by a visitor a few weeks ago was ………

the log lady quilter

……….. so perhaps the Virtual Quilter will have to take on a new persona at the

Mid Week Log Cabin Retreats.

See you next week!

About Virtual Quilter

I am a quilter who designs many more quilts than I will ever make, and I am sharing one quilt design every day in Virtual Quilter. I also share my completed projects in Stuff-Ups, and Christmas decorations in Christmas Everyday of the Year.
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3 Responses to The First Mid Week Log Cabin Retreat

  1. Judy

    Looking at the individual blocks for Log Cabin 9 and
    Log Cabin 15, neither the outside blue nor the dark green appear to contrast with the rest of the block.
    However, in the quilts they do. The dark green actually becomes black. An outline pattern is created around the blocks.

    I know this is the result of the way computers handle reducing images. But I like the result. It opens up the possiblity of doing this intentionally and creating a whole series of Log Cabin blocks with this linear feature.


    • virtualquilter says:

      Hi Wayne,

      It is only partly the computers fault that the effect of those fabrics is so different in the different scale of the pictures …… try looking at some printed fabrics close up, then moving to the other side of the room and you will often get a similar effect.

      It is something I try to do intentionally in real quilts, and take full advantage of in virtual quilts.

      It is also the reason why some fabrics look like they should work together, but give disappointing results in a quilt.

      Judy B


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