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Dear, Dear, Dear 22

  Subtle changes of background fabric create a secondary pattern … like it a lot!

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Cathedral Window 3

  Over-sized Cathedral Window look-alike applique blocks … love it!

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Super 7s OP 11

  I like it. Also like that fact that there is a quilt exhibition set up in a hall half an hour away from where I live.

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Black and White Plus 20

  Like the way the dominant blocks with the red create a border … but I am not all that impressed with the overall design.

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Logs on Point in Purple 13, 14, 15 and 16

Love the colours … … and the designs are very interesting. I love Log Cabin quilts, but I am amazed that more people don’t play with the blocks to create new look for the old Log Cabin. After all, not … Continue reading

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Gran’s New Fans 21

Wonder if our Grans and Great Grans would have liked these colours to play with, but then, some of the faded fabrics we see in aged quilts just may have been much brighter when those quilts were made.

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Annie Clover and Pieces 11 and 12

I don’t often design rectangular quilts, but they are interesting, and there is a lot of potential to create some interesting quilts.   They are also useful on some beds as well as fitting long skinny spaces on walls.

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Pieced Patched and Pretty One 8

Very pretty. PS. I am back in my chair after three weeks away, with little internet or even phone content. Without such aids I still managed to find a new quilt shop on the outskirts of Pt Augusta.

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Elevenses OP 8

Interesting. I like it.

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Elevenses 57

Wow, lots of quilting space! Very pretty too.

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